Daily Routines

"Routines are comforting. They're a stabilizing force in the life of even a young infant." Will Wilkoff, M.D.

1. getting dressed

2. dressing a doll; bathing a doll

3. making a meal; baking a cake, pie, cookies

4. making a snack: toast, chocolate milk, pudding

5. washing dishes

6. sorting (putting away) silverware

7. taking a bath

8. changing diapers

9. dusting furniture

10. washing windows

11. folding clothes

12. opening mail (save junk mail for several days)

13. cutting and pasting

14. making beds

15. emptying waste baskets

16. reading a book

17. taking a walk

18. watering plants,

19 . Go to the library

20. nursery rhymes and fingerplays